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    Economic growth

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    Economic growth

    Partnering for inclusive economic growthWe work with our partners to contribute to the communities’ economic and social development. Our programs are focused on education and capacity building, while ensuring diversity, equality and cultural preservation.

    AES Vietnam presents 120 scholarships to disadvantaged pupils in Binh Thuan Province

    Ham Tan District, where AES’ CCGT plant and LNG terminal will be located, is a low-income district in Binh Thuan Province facing many economic challenges. The number of low-income and disadvantaged households in the province remains high. According to local statistics, nearly 2,000 pupils and students from low-income households live in this area. Many of them are at risk of dropping out of school due to financial difficulties, while support from local authorities and organizations is often limited.

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    Partnering with local communities to improve livelihoods and quality of life in Cam Hai Commune

    Cam Hai is a mountainous commune far from the center of Cam Pha city in Quang Ninh Province. Its mountainous terrain is home to many ethnic minorities living together – communities which have faced numerous hardships in the past. Many villages were only accessible by dirt roads, meaning travel was both difficult and dangerous.

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    AES-Energy-Future-Scholarship 2
    AES scholarships help talented students advance their academic studies

    Over the past 20 years, Vietnam has reached a remarkable GDP growth rate of between 6-7% per year. This is the main driver for rapidly increasing annual electricity production, which rose more than tenfold during this period. An energy transition is also taking place in Vietnam, with a focus on shifting from fossil fuels to cleaner energy resources including LNG and renewables. Therefore, going forward, the country needs a highly-skilled, technical workforce, which can help accelerate the transition to more advanced and innovative energy options and technologies.

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