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    2021 Improving Lives Report 2021 ESG Indicators 2021 AES Climate Scenario Report 2020 Performance indicators 2019 AES Sustainability Report (EN) 2019 Sustainability Report Supplement 2019 SASB Report 2018 Sustainability Report 2018 Sustainability Report Supplement 2018 AES Climate Scenario Report (EN) Environmental Performance Update 2017 Sustainability Report 2017 Sustainability Report Supplement 2016 Sustainability Report 2016 Strategy for Environmental Performance 2015 Sustainability Report 2015 Sustainability Report Supplement 2014 Sustainability Report 2014 Sustainability Report Supplement 2013 Sustainability Report 2013 Sustainability Report Supplement 2012 Sustainability Report 2012 Sustainability Report Supplement

    Policies & statements

    Política Sistema de Gestión IBU Anti-Corruption Policy Management system policy Política sistema de gestión AES Charitable Contributions and Political Donations Policy AES Lobbying Policy AES Code of Conduct Environmental Sustainability Policy Human Rights Policy 2018 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Transparency Statement 2017 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Transparency Statement 2016 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Transparency Statement

    Political contributions reports

    2020 Political Contributions Report 2019 Political Contributions Report 2018 Political Contributions Report 2017 Political Contributions Report 2016 Political Contributions Report 2015 Political Contributions Report 2014 Political Contributions Report 2013 Political Contributions Report 2012 Political Contributions Report 2011 Political Contributions Report
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